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SpaceOrb 360 (demo units)
3d controller with six-degrees of freedom. Compatible with MetaVR VRSG. If running XP please email us first.

To order please let us know how many units you require and your shipping location and we will get you a quote:
The SpaceOrb 360

6D Control
With the Space Orb 360, youll move through your favourite 3D action games as if you were actually in the game itself. Simultaneous Six-Degrees of Freedom Control (6D Control) technology allows gamers to STRAFE, ROTATE and FREELOOK on ANY AXIS and create complex moves like Circle Strafes and Barrel Rolls instantly & easily!

The Space Orb 360 breaks the barrier of clunky, linear keyboard or joystick control with full digital 360 degree control in EVERY and ANY direction. Simply twist, push or pull the SpaceOrb 360s Spaceball PowerSensor ball and experience the fastest, smoothest and most aggressive game playing on the planet.

Not a Joystick or Trackball!
The advanced optical technology of the SpaceOrb 360 can not be classified as an ordinary joystick. The SpaceOrb is a TRUE 3D Game Controller, giving you SIX AXIS (6D) manoeuvrability in a 3D game. Joysticks, Trackballs, Mice and Keyboards are 2D devices.

6 DOF Force n Torque Sensitivity
Patented SENSITIVE FORCE n TORQUE technology built into the SpaceOrb™ 360 PowerSensor ball senses up all the pushes, pulls and twists that you apply among the axes and translates them into fluid and smooth movement in your game - with over 1,000 levels of speed!

Pretend its Your Head
Think of the PowerSensor as your head, and move the head in the way you want to move on-screen. To move forward, just push with your thumb on the back of the ball (or head), and youll move down the hallway. To move backward, pull from the front of the ball, and youll go back. To look left or right or spin, twist the ball from side to side and youll look or spin on screen.

Ergonomic Design The SpaceOrb 360s ergonomic design keeps your hands comfortable and away from the desk, allowing you to play your 3D game in a relaxed position - greatly reducing constant hand fatigue and stress that is a burden among keyboard and mouse users.

Orb Powerful Digital Interface
Adding a true DIGITAL interface through a powerful serial port and how fast and how slow you move in your game depends on how much force you use on the PowerSensor ball. To move forward slowly, lightly push the ball forward. To move faster, increase the pressure until you reach top speed. The SpaceOrb is a 10-bit device allowing for over 1,000 levels of speed. With the Customizer, you can fine tune axis sensitivity exactly to your needs. You can even adjust the sensitivity of EACH AXIS with our new GameMaster software.

Six Rapid Action Buttons
Six customisable buttons on the SpaceOrb 360 provide instant access to essential gaming functions like Firing, Changing Weapons, Jumping and Crouching and Opening Doors. Each button is completely customisable and bindable either through the SpaceOrb customiser or the game itself.
 Technical Data

Proven Technology
The SpaceOrb 360 is only the latest product of its kind. Spaceball technology is being used by over one hundred thousand industrial engineers and developers in 3-D CAD/CAM and Virtual Reality applications all over the world.

Patented Optoelectronic 6D Technology The SpaceOrb™ 360s patented SIX-AXIS (6D) PowerSensor® ball technology was originally developed for, and proven in, advanced 3D aerospace and automotive design engineering and robotics. Its unique pressure sensitive force/torque sensing capabilities and powerful serial port connection make the SpaceOrb 360 a truly advanced and powerful 3D environment device. The ball moves slightly to provide a passive tactile feedback sensation. 10-bit Digital Precision instantly micro-adjust between over 1,000 levels of speed and acceleration.

Creep around corners, cruise down hallways or blast past the bad guys. Rapid action buttons, lightening fast control at your fingertips. Fire, change weapons and open doors instantly! No more searching for the right key! All six buttons are completely customisable. The ergonomic hand-held design puts total game control comfortably in your hands -- eliminating keyboard and mouse hand fatigue and stress.

Supported games, patches, and files here

Demo units full tested in excellent condition
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